Music on this site is by the Straitway Trio.

Pastor Cooper sang with the Straitway Trio over 30 years ago.  The venue was a type of bluegrass music. The group consisted of Rev. Charles Cooper playing the flat top guitar,  Roger Cooper singing high tenor and playing the bass, and Jim Maynard playing banjo, flat top guitar, and mandolin.  Charles and Jim switched out singing lead and harmony parts.

The Straitway Trio was heard every Sunday on WEXL 1340 on the am dial from the late 60's through the early to mid 70's.

Jinks "Jim" Maynard, age 82 of Memphis, passed away Wednesday, August 7, 2013. He was born December 30, 1929 in Wayne County, West Virginia to the late Rueben Maynard, and Victoria Spence Maynard. 

The Straitway Trio can be heard on the Music page.